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Sophie Burren

Clinical Psychologist

Sophie Burren


I always strive to be a warm and compassionate psychologist with a passion for working with you on what is most important to you from the time you come through my virtual door, working at your own pace, and in a tailored collaborative way to ensure you get the most out of our time together. I am always mindful of how difficult it can be to take those first steps and reach out to a psychologist, and always aim to assist my clients to make accessing supports as seamless, welcoming, and supportive as possible.


I grew up in regional Western Australia, before relocating to the metropolitan area for over a decade for work and study, and as such I am familiar with the the unique qualities, joys, and challenges of life in both rural and metropolitan WA. I have a passion for making mental health accessible no matter your location or circumstance, and in the current climate wanted to provide my clients with the option of accessing consistent and convenient client centred care; and in doing so Sophie Burren Psychology, my telehealth only practice, was born.

I have had a varied career and professional experiences prior to my work in private practice. Having worked across the Public Health sector for a number of years working in both adult (acute care settings; Trauma, ICU, and ward based) and paediatric (inpatient and outpatient) Hospitals; with the Department of Corrective services both in Community and Institution; and in the Not-for-Profit sector specifically providing trauma services.


I have experience working with a vast array of presentations inclusive of but not limited to complex and sexual trauma, family domestic violence, assaults, medical trauma, accident and emergency, chronic illness, anxiety disorders, depression, burnout and compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, panic disorders, adjustment difficulties, motor vehicle accidents, grief and loss, and more.


If you feel I may be a good fit for you please get in touch today and we can discuss your needs further.

Qualifications and Memberships

AHPRA Psych logo.jpg

Registered as a Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia

AHPRA Psych logo.jpg

Area of Practice Endorsement: Clinical Psychology

ACPA Member.jpg

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

ACPA Member.jpg

Associate Member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association

What makes a Clinical Psychologist different from other mental health service providers?

Psychologists and Psychiatrists are distinct from other mental health practitioners in that they are both regulated health professions with accredited University degrees, mandatory continuous professional development, periods of mandatory supervision, and strict codes of ethics.


Psychologists are distinct from Psychiatrists in that they are not medical practitioners and do not currently have prescribing rights here in Australia. Psychologists work with the therapeutic treatment and diagnosis of mental health and wellbeing, human behaviour, cognition, and emotion. Often psychologists will work collaboratively with your GP or Psychiatrist when pharmacological and medical treatment may be indicated.



Process of Training and Endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist


3. Registration as a Psychologist

Followed by general registration as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia through AHPRA.

1. Undergraduate Degree 

Initially a four year undergraduate degree, usually with honours at an APAC accredited institution is required

4. Clinical Psychologist Registrar Program

Following general registration formal application to the Clinical Psychology Registrar Program of 3000 hours is undertaken through the Psychology Board of Australia.

2. Master of Clinical Psychology Degree

Followed by a two year master of clinical psychology degree at an APAC accredited institution

5. Endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist

Following completion of the registrar program, Endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist is obtained through the Psychology Board of Australia

"A clinical psychologist is a psychologist who is an expert in mental health. They have undertaken highly specialised APAC-accredited training in the assessment, diagnosis, formulation, and psychological treatment of mental health, behavioural, and emotional disorders across the lifespan. The education and training of clinical psychologists takes eight years. Clinical psychology is a science-based profession that integrates theory and clinical practice to understand, prevent, and relieve psychological problems or disorders whether they are mild, moderate, severe, chronic, or complex" - The Australian Clinical Psychology Association

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